ICETROLL Guides for 2015, in order of beauty: Andy :-) Mia, Tori, Matias, Tom, James, Ibai, Henning, Carlos, Sam, Gaz (he's English)

We also offer RAFTING down the Jostedalen Glacier River from June to early September. That is the field of water-rats James, Tom & Tori

ICETROLL work with various MEDIA PROFESSIONALS each season. Work ranges from Movies to Documentaries, Reality Shows to Advertising. If it involves Ice, Snow or Water we can help

ICETROLL - The Guides
In 2015 ICETROLL has all the guides returning from last season. Carlos and Matias (Argentina) along with Mia (Lom, Norway), Ibai (Spain), Andy & Sam (NZ) and the token Englishman - Gaz - will no doubt be making an appearance

Carlos has been working with Icetroll since 2008, coming each season from the backside of the World (Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego). He has a mean table tennis and table football game, but if you take the tables away his tennis & football are awful

Matias, from Mendoza, has been the official IceTroll wine tester since 2009 and water tester on Styggevatnet since 2011 (please ask him what we mean by this) Previously a porter on Aconcagua he is now guiding on glaciers in Tierra del Fuego during the Northern Winter

Sam joined IceTroll in 2014, somehow passing the strict screening process here. His Ice-Climbing skills FAR exceed his social skills - you'll find out

Mia hails from over the hill in Lom. Studying something scientific and long-named, she easily sends us into a trance with her study talk :-/ A climber, she is to represent Norway in the World Cup this season.

Ibai, also a bit of a climber, has a little knowledge of glaciers also, with his current studies leading to a PhD in Glaciology (well, we THINK he knows what he's talking about...)

Andy also hangs around IceTroll, dictating to guides and spending time answering emails and gazing out the window, dreaming of younger days, when he had none of the abilities of those in IceTroll now.
RIVERPIG - The Guides
In 2015 RIVERPIG will be welcoming James (Canada) and Tori (US of A), joining Tom (UK) on the river battling the ElvePurka each day

Tom came to RiverPig last season, as a safety kayaker and this season will be guiding rafting as well as lending a hand to the IceTrolls when possible. Enjoying a good cup of tea, the young lad will be working hard to increase his upper body strength so he can finally tell his boss who is boss.

James will be bringing experience of Class 4 & 5 white-water from Canada and NZ, along with that classic Canadian accent....aye.

Tori luckily will bring a feminine touch to RiverPig, keeping the loud-mouth boys under control (we are talking about clients here, so watch out!) and keeping the boy guides in the kitchen making the hot-chocolate while she takes a well earnt break!
Media & Location Fixing
ICETROLL work with film and advertising companies to create movies, documentaries and still/moving adverts. With our local knowledge and contacts we provide the perfect location for the project at hand. As water, snow and ice are no barrier, we can get your crew into special, beautiful, areas safely and quickly.

On Styggevatnet we have provided access for docmentary footage to BBC for the "Antarctica-Ice, Life & People" on their Christmas Lectures, 2004.
ICETROLL also worked with BBC early in 2011 on another documentary "The Secrets Of Ice", providing access and safety for the film crew around pinnacles of ice and into caves and crevasses.

ICETROLL worked as river safety managers on the most prominent Norwegian film, "Vilmark". This scene featured the crossing of a river (grade 4+) with actors (safely!) traversing a log placed over the river.

Globetrotter, a German outdoor equipment supplier, have had 2 brochure shoots here in Jostedalen with ICETROLL. In 2007, Globetrotter also shot the 'final' of their Fjord Trophy. A national competition for pairs of competitors from 10 regions of Germany. The winning 20 people joined 20 journalists for 1 week in Norway. 3 days of that spent in Jostedal testing Land Rover 4X4s, kayaking and glacier hiking

In 2011 Strix TV produced one episode of a reality TV show in Jostedalen, "Til Toppen of Norge" (To the top of Norway) rafting with RIVERPIG on the Jostedalen River for 3 days.

In 2013 the Norwegian programme "71 degrees North" bought a 'celebrity' show to Jostedal, shooting the show over the path of our 2-Day Tour

Japanese TV have been here twice, filming "Bullet Travel" with 2 celebrities taking 24 hours in Norway and getting as far as Jostedalen! Another visit in 2014 was for a documentary about Glaciers and Fjords

Late in 2013 (November!) the huge American Cable TV show "Dual Survivor" shot an episode here with help from IceTroll, during which the 2 stars of the show had to escape from a moulin (water hole on a glacier) and return to civilisation.

The Lakes and Glaciers
Both TUNSBERGDALSVATNET and STYGGEVATNET are part of Norways National Electricity Grid for Hydropower. During the tours we encourage discussion on nature and energy resources and what better place to think about these than where the two meet.

TUNSBERGDALSVATNET was dammed in 1978, making what was once a 2km long lake, at the end of a flat riverbed, into a 7km long lake. The lake now comes up to within 2 km of Norways longest glacier arm, Tunsbergdalsbreen. This lake/reservoir sits at 478m above sea level when full at the end of the summer, and can be drained 38m vertically for hydropower production. The top 7m of this 38m deep resovoir holds more than 50% of it's volume!

STYGGEVATNET is a newer Hydro project, completed in 1989. This dam resulted in the connection of two small lakes (Styggevatnet and Austdalsvatnet) into a single reservoir of 6km length and 90m depth. With its impressive altitude, 1200m above sea level, Styggevatnet represents huge potential for hydropower prodution, with the water dropping a max 1180m vertically through the hydro turbines, producing the highest 'head-pressure' on any turbines in Northern Europe. The resovoir also holds water that had the potential to flood the Jostedalen valley. Major flooding is now a thing of the past for Jostedal locals.

Of course, as well as providing a great source of energy to Norways National Grid, these lakes are now accessible to us by kayak, opening up wonderful, quiet, areas away from the masses, for exploration of glaciers.

NIGARDSBREVATNET is within a Nature Reserve (meaning the area has heavier protection than a National Park). The lake is 285m above sea level, the lowest altitude of the lakes we can kayak on in Jostedalen and therefore is the lake we begin tours on in May and finish the season there in October, when the other lakes are freezing.