Overnight and 2-Day Tour
These tours are an extension of the daily trips we offer and are organised on request. We sleep in tents in amazing glacial scenery, spending significantly more time exploring the glaciers here in Jostedal. If you want more than just two days on a tour, check out the FAROE ISLANDS or the equally breath-taking LOFOTEN ISLANDS trips we offer

If you have interest in a privately guided tour, we are open to guided trips outside of the usual tour mentioned below.
Multi-day glacier adventures
The overnight trips can be offered on either Styggevatnet (from July onward) or in Tunsbergdalsvatnet (most of the season).

In Tunsbergdalsvatnet we can offer a trip of approx 24 hours: one whole day kayaking and glacier exploring, overnight in tents near the lake and return to civilisation early the following morning in the kayaks. We can start at either 09:00 or 17:00, depending what fits with your holiday.
If we start the tour in the morning, we can wander over the glacier late into the afternoon, knowing we only have a short walk back to our camp site afterwards. With the added bonus of spending an evening in this beautiful remote valley, comes the advantage of having a lot of extra time to explore the glacier.
Starting the tour in the afternoon is also possible, kayaking to the campsite and use the second day to enjoy Tunsbergdalsbreen glacier to the maximum.

On Styggevatnet, we can take a tour for 36 hours (2 full days of activity). This trip begins as the regular day tour does, kayaking over the lake to the calving glacier front. From here, we stop for lunch and get the glacier hiking equipment ready to start walking across Austdalsbreen (Glacier) and up onto the main Plateau Glacier, Jostedalsbreen.
In ropes and walking over snow-covered crevasses, we cross the plateau glacier to the mountain Rundeggi. We set camp on a snowfield on the side of the mountian before walking up to the summit for dinner and a sunset view to match any.
The second day is your choice for activities, with variations to suit all participants and weather!

It must be emphasised ICETROLL's aim is to offer tours designed for people of any ability. These tours are for you, after all!

Thank you so much for all your help planning our trip! We had a great time and have discovered that we both absolutely love ice climbing!
Sam was great, really knowledgable and friendly. We learned a lot from him.
Next time we come, we'll have to do Lodalsk├ąpa!
P.S. You can use this on your website if you like. Thanks Cliff, we did!!
After rain meant we had a day tour instead of the Two Day Tour...We just want to thank you for a great day together with our great guide (Diego) in the beginning of July. We had a marvelous trip, even if it was raining the whole day.
Send our best regards to Diego and thank him from us for a very personal and friendly approach. Hope to visit Jostedalen soon again, and maybe have a rain free Two Day Tour with you!
Cliff, UK
Desiree, Nederlands

What's next?

Some other details
This info is on the downloadable "INFO SHEET" for each tour

Where to meet: The Breheimsenter, Jostedal, on road 604.

Meeting time: Overnight tour (cirka 24 hours): 09:00 or 17:00
Two Day Tour (cirka 36 hours): 10:00

Bus Info: If you are on public transport (bus) we can wait for the Glacier Bus to arrive, but recommend you stay in Jostedal after the tour, so we don't rush for the bus that leaves Jostedal in the evening! You need to tell us you are on a bus if you want us to wait ;-)

What to bring: Food & drink, camera, warm clothing (incl. rain jacket, warm hat and gloves). Good walking shoes are a good idea, but not 100% neccessary

What we provide: All kayaking and glacier hiking equipment

Accommodation: In Jostedal we have 2 options, the Jostedal Hotel and Jostedal Camping. Contact info found on the INFO SHEET. In Hafslo is 'Hafslotun', a hytte/cabin park. In Gaupne there is the 'Gaupne Hotel' and also 'Sandvik Camping'

Where to meet
Andy, Sam & Matias