Glacier River Rafting with ELVEPURKA
Rafting for everyone, from children to the adrenaline junkies

The video below (shot in 2011 with classic guides Mo, Andreas & Toni) gives you an idea of the 3 trips we offer:
The childrens LITTLE PIGGIES, the ELVEPURKA (class 3 white-water) and the final section, the BOSS HOG trip (class 4)
For those wanting BOSS HOG adventure, keep watching the video after the final credits
All credit to Toni George for this video and entertainment on and off river in 2011

The Little Piggies tour is designed for the smallest of us. The trip begins at Jostedal Camping and continues 3-4km downstream. It is a relaxed trip (assuming Mum and Dad have been GOOD to their children this year!) passing outstanding mountain scenery. We stop at a stream that comes down from Jostedals most beautiful waterfall (Geisdalsfossen) to play in the water and have a hot chocolate drink, a few selfies and then we are on our way again.

This trip is also the start of the ELVEPURKA trip, so if you are not sure which trip your children can take, we can all try the LITTLE PIGGIES section and make a decision together before we enter the ELVEPURKA section of the river. Then we have a chance to continue further down into the ELVEPURKA section if parents, children and guide agree

The river here in Jostedal is perfect for rafting, as the waves get bigger and bigger the further we go. So if you are nervous we can take you out of the raft at any time - but there is no reason for that, is there!


Please tell Yann thanks again. He did a terrific job with us especially with the kids. Have a great summer!!!
It was such a memorable trip with Andreas. The kids are still talking about it and asking to go back. So if we do...I'll let you know! Thanks again!
Lynn and Jill, USA
Desiree, Netherlands

The ELVEPURKA trip continues on from LITTLE PIGGIES, which we have used to teach control of the raft, so when the white-water hits you are able to get us through it...well, that is the plan!

We first see the white-water once we have passed the ELVEPURKA rock that sticks out into the river - she is hungry for children, or any others passing by. The river narrows into a canyon, creating a wave-train, wave after wave trying to knock us out. After the canyon there are surf waves we can try to catch before the final canyon and biggest waves of the tour

Success on this trip only means you will be eager to get into the BOSS HOG section further down the river, trust us

There is a 4 person minimum for this trip. If you are 2 persons, we can include you on trips with others, of course


Thanks to all the characters (Mo, Skux & Bradford) who took us on a trip of a lifetime with RIVERPIG! The guides were endless entertainment while the river was so exciting. What a trip!
Easily the most fun we have had in Norway! Thanks to everyone at RIVERPIG, especially Sophie, so sweet and caring with our kids!
Mette & Per, Denmark
Katya, Tomas, Daniel & Tobias, Germany

By chosing the BOSS HOG section you will be enjoying 2x as much white-water as the ELVEPURKA trip. We price the trips hoping to encourage you onto this tour, as the guides love it more than anyone. It is not always possible through the whole season, due to river levels, but if it is available, it is a must

By the time we begin the BOSS HOG section of the river, you have already completed the LITTLE PIGGIES and ELVEPURKA sections, so all that is left is the best/biggest white-water section.

We take the rafts out of the river after the ELVEPURKA section and drive further down the river to the village of Myklemyr. Back in the river and right into the BOSS HOG white water. More technical waves for you to negotiate and the last wave is the biggest - the Riverpig bites hardest here! Something to look forward to??

After the waves are behind us, we can have a final jump off a boulder in the middle of the river followed by a hot chocolate to sooth the shakes. It is then back to base for a shower and a good laugh at the photos/videos.

There is a 4 person minimum for this trip. If you are 2 persons, we can include you on trips with others, of course


Andy, just to say thanks to PIVERPIG / ICETROLL for a great time on Sunday/Monday during our stay in Jostedal. The guides (Colin, Mia, and Ariana) were fun, professional and knowledgable. We also very much appreciated the pickup/drop off from/to the campsite. Thanks again
Thanks to ICETROLL & RIVERPIG for the "Stiff Nipple Triple" adventure! We had never been rafting, glacier walking or kayaking before and you guys made it all SO much fun! We'll be back...
Hannah and Anthony, UK
"The Spanish Armada", Jose, Raquel, Nuria & Santi, Spain!

The boring bits

Some other information
This info is on the downloadable INFO SHEET for each tour

Where to meet: Jostedal Hotel, Jostedal, on road 604.
The trips begin at either 10:00 or 14:00 each day

Pictures & Videos: We take pictures and videos of the trip, so you can concentrate on staying in the raft (200KR for a styled memory-stick full of memories)

What to bring: A change of underwear ;-) or a swimsuit, to use under our wetsuits and a towel

What we provide: Wetsuits, booties, raft, guide, glacial water (as much as you want)

Accommodation: In Jostedal we have 2 options, the Jostedal Hotel (where we meet for rafting) and Jostedal Camping (where we start rafting). Contact info for these places can be found on the INFO SHEET. In Hafslo is Hafslotun, a hytte/cabin park. In Luster there is the VikiFjord Camping and in Gaupne there is the Gaupne Hotel and Sandvik Camping.

Where to meet
Mo, Sophie & Andy (when they let him raft)

Your Thoughts on RIVERPIG

Just wanted to say THANKYOU ALL for the great adventure yesterday:) Everybody had a really great time, and many students said it was the best experience they have had this far ;)
Give thanks also to Mo and the other guides, they are absolutely great! Experienced and professional, but still humoristic and so much fun to be with
How many times do I have to raft to come work for you?
Thank You for an unforgetable rafting experience this Tuesday!
Special thanks to Skux and thanks to all of you of course! Anyway, I can recommend this trip!
Good luck
Bjørn/Bear Norway
Merethe, Norway