Kayaking and Glacier Walking
ICETROLL offer tours on 3 glacier lakes. You can choose your trip depending on the time of year (what month) you are here, just select from the 3 options listed below

In addition to these tours we also offer ICE-CLIMBING through the whole season, a MOTORBOAT & GLACIER tour on Styggevatnet (from July) and before that time we will offer an amazing SNOW SHOE trip on Styggevatnet in May and June. We also offer RAFTING down the Jostedalen Glacier River from June to early September.
All trips are tailored to beginners as well as the adventurous ICETROLLs out there.

May & June - Nigardsbrevatnet
ICETROLL starts the season here on Nigardsbrevatnet (lake), which sits in front of the glacier, seperated by only a few hundred metres

The tour begins with a short kayak trip of 30 minutes over this idilic lake, providing perfect photo opportunities and a chance to try kayaking in perfect surroundings

Once we are on the other side we have a short hike to the ice. On the walk up to the glacier the guide will explain glaciers, how they work, where they have been and local history. Once at the Glacier we put on the crampons and rope for the glacier walk and spend 3-4 hours exploring the glacier at our leisure.

This tour is perfect for children / families who visit in May & June, until we begin tours on Styggevatnet in July. Then you have an option to take the MOTORBOAT & GLACIER tour on Styggevatnet.

For those more adventurous or active, you can join us on Styggevatnet in June for a SNOW SHOE tour over the frozen lake and onto the glacier, or the Tunsbergdalsvatnet, described below

I would like to thank you very much, what an experience walking on the glacier! My experience was awesome, I had a blast. The team Greg, James and Mark were amazing, in particular James. what a guy and gentleman...I owe him a lot.
In summary, you guys are awesome and the experience was magnificent. Highly recommend ICETROLL to anyone.
Please pass along a special thank you on to Andy and Paul for the guided kayaking and glacier walk today at Nigardsbreen. The students couldn't stop talking about it all the way back to Sogndal. Some are even saying that it was the best day of their lives.
Nicci and I have taken students to several countries over the last 10+ years, and can easily say that this experience was one of the best.
Hachem, Canada
Abbey, USA

June - Tunsbergdalsvatnet
We begin on Tunsbergdalsvatnet around 10 June and take tours here until Styggevatnet is ready for kayak paddling - around 5 July each year. The lake sits 1000m below forest-clad mountains, which surround both lake and glacier.

After kayaking to the lakes end, we continue by foot alongside the Glacier River, which flows through a narrow, spectacular, gorge. This leads us to Tunsbergdalsbreen (Glacier), the longest valley glacier in Norway.

We enjoy lunch in this totally isolated area before exploring the glacier. Walking in crevasses and around melt water holes on the glacier, before finally turning for home.

This tour has the most variety and solitude you could imagine, in just one day, an experience you will remember forever

Just want to leave a note that I experienced one of the greatest hikes of my life on your tour to Tungsberdalsvatnet. Back in the concrete jungle of Belgium my mind often wandering off to that day in June and wishing there could be a next time.
So keep up the good work and thumbs up to you and your team!
I just want to let you know that we had a great time on our trip.
Our two guides, Mark and Carlos, were fantastic – relaxed, good humored, easy going, always helping out with a hand or some nice words, and they made us feel safe and welcome.
Geert, Belgium
Maren & Marcus, Germany

July til October - Styggevatnet
Styggevatnet (1200m above sea level) is covered by snow from winter until early July.

In JUNE we offer amazing SNOW SHOE tours over the frozen lake and onto the glacier. The chance to walk right around icebergs stranded on land and then walk up over the front of the glacier should not be missed! A true summer (winter?) alpine experience

In JULY, once the lake has de-frosted, we begin the kayaking tours. It is about 1 - 1.5 hours paddling over to Austdalsbreen (Glacier) with its 30m high front that calves towers of ice into the lake. On the way we look for icebergs that have calved off the glacier in the days before. We stop for some lunch once we get to the glacier, enjoying the view across the front of the calving glacier.
We start the trip on the blue ice at the Glacier front. Walking around huge crevasses toward the centre of the glacier for a commanding view over the lake and the National Park. We spend about 1.5-2 hours on the glacier, exploring & explaining various features
After the glacier tour we walk back to the kayaks for our return to cilvilisation...All good things must come to an end.

For young families we would recommend our purpose designed MOTORBOAT & GLACIER tour, where you go to the same places as the kayak & glacier tour, but use a motorboat instead, meaning a shorter, easier trip that is more in line with children. If you are worried about your child on the glacier, you shouldn't be, it's usually the parents we are waiting for!

I was on an icetroll sea kayak and glacier walk at the end of July and wanted to let you know what a lovely time I had - the experience was great, in particular I found the staff fantastic. Really friendly and fun and at the same time professional!
The day I went, we split into two groups, Kylie took our group. She had a brilliant manner and added to the whole experience. The other gentleman who took the other group was great also, again really friendly and sincere.
Thank you to them and to the team, it is very much appreciated, and adds so much to the experience.
I would like to thank you once again for a great, enjoyable and lifetime experience on Styggevatnet that all of us had while in Norway. Great thanks goes also to Ariane for great guiding and for a great adventure on the glacier (we really liked the route she chose!)
Natasha, UK
Peter, Slovakia

What's next?

Some other details
This info is on the downloadable "INFO SHEET" for each tour

Where to meet: The Breheimsenter, Jostedal, on road 604.

Bus Info: If you are on public transport (bus) we can wait for the Glacier Bus to arrive, but recommend you stay in Jostedal after the tour, so we don't rush for the bus that leaves Jostedal in the evening! You need to tell us you are on a bus if you want us to wait ;-)

What to bring: Food & drink, camera, warm clothing (incl. rain jacket, warm hat and gloves). Good walking shoes are a good idea, but not 100% neccessary

What we provide: All kayaking and glacier hiking equipment

Accommodation: In Jostedal we have 2 options, the Jostedal Hotel and Jostedal Camping. Contact info found on the INFO SHEET. In Hafslo is 'Hafslotun', a hytte/cabin park. In Gaupne there is the 'Gaupne Hotel' and also 'Sandvik Camping'

Where to meet
Ariane, Gaz & Mia