Moulin & Ice Climbing Tour
The Ice Climbing Tour is a new offer we have to explore the glaicer like never before. Our aim is to show you the basics of climbing on ice and then lower you into a moulin (water-hole/cave) or crevasse in the glacier for a truely blue-ice experience

If you have interest in a privately guided tour, we are open to guided trips outside of the daily times mentioned below.
The true "Blue-Ice" experience
We will have scouted 4 glaciers for the best location for your tour, so we are sure to have some great scenery, crevasses, moulin (water holes) and walls of ice for the days fun. The trip is for 4 persons maximum per guide, so you can maximise time on/in the ice.

As with all of the ICETROLL trips we offer, it is not neccessary to be an athlete for this tour, just an interest to try a new activity and take your chance to get into the glacier more than you ever could in a day tour elsewhere. Beginners are more than welcome, as are children, but we can't offer a discount on the price (we are sorry!) because of the low number of persons possible per guide

If you have interest in this, just ask us and we can chat about your options. We have ice climbing gear, so all you need to bring is the usual outdoor clothing for your trip (including waterproof clothing, sunglasses and gloves!). Check the PDF Info Sheet for what to bring with you

Waiting for your comments after your 2015 trip :-)
You will have plenty to say after this trip...we can't wait to hear it
ToughTroll, Norge
CoolTroll, Noreg

What's next?

Some other details
This info is on the downloadable "INFO SHEET" for each tour

Where to meet: The Breheimsenter, Jostedal, on road 604.

Bus Info: If you are on public transport (bus) we can wait for the Glacier Bus to arrive, but recommend you stay in Jostedal after the tour, so we don't rush for the bus that leaves Jostedal in the evening! You need to tell us you are on a bus if you want us to wait ;-)

What to bring: Warm hat and gloves. Warm clothing including a good rain jacket. Waterproof trousers are a great idea if you have them. Camera. Drink bottle. Sunglasses are essential for climbing, lunch. If you don’t have good solid hiking boots, we have climbing boots to loan/rent

What we provide: All kayaking and glacier hiking/climbing equipment

Accommodation: In Jostedal we have 2 options, the Jostedal Hotel and Jostedal Camping. Contact info found on the INFO SHEET. In Hafslo is 'Hafslotun', a hytte/cabin park. In Gaupne there is the 'Gaupne Hotel' and also 'Sandvik Camping'

Where to meet
Sam & Ibai